FAQ. Frequently asked questions

Know how RedMusix platform works


What is RedMusix.com?
Redmusix is a 2.0 website aimed at the online self-promotion and diffusion of Early, Classical, Contemporary, Jazz, Flamenco and Folk Music through new web technologies.

What's RedMusix Philosophy?
We believe in equal opportunities. We believe democracy in culture is possible. We believe in collective intelligence. We believe in DIY. We believe we can make a better world.

What is a 2.0 web?
We call 2.0 to the tools and resources that generate collaboration in a dynamic environment, has daily updates and user implication. Users of RedMusix generate its contents.

Who can publish in RedMusix?
Instrumentalists, singers, groups, bands, orchestras, directors, composers, managers, programmers, festivals, organizations, cultural companies, luthiers, image and sound technicians, music schools... Definitely any professional related to the music world.

Do you check the contents of the publications?
Yes, we review all the publications and multimedia content that is uploaded to the platform.
We aim to maintain a minimum quality in the publications of the web.

How can I sign up to RedMusix? 

Choose a username, type your email, select the type of user that fits you most (Artist, Group or Organization) and upload a picture. 
It's free, so you got no excuses to try it!

And then? 
You will receive an email with a link to set your password and acces to the website.

What can RedMusix do for artists, groups, composers and directors, or managers?

Make your work known in an enriched multimedia environment, in which sound and image play a leading role.

Use your page in redmusix as your web page or your personal portfolio. Visitors to your profile can see in a glance:

- Your description / resume / CV (Texto and PDF).
- Your specialty and your style.
- Your pictures.
- Your music and videos (mp3, Youtube, Vimeo, Spotify, Soundcloud…).
- Links to your social media profiles (Facebook, twitter, linkedin...).
- Contact data, e-mail, phone number, location (if you wish to).
- Links to concert programs published in RedMusix.
- Links to past and future events published in RedMusix.

What can these users publish in RedMusix?

- Programs: RedMusix is the only website where you can publish digital concert programs. Upload audios of the program, add program notes, repertoire, video links, technical needs and the cost of hiring the program.
- Compositions: Make your compositions known in this section. Add audios, PDF’s, links to videos or to stores where people can buy your music.
- Calls: Publish and find job and training opportunities, auditions, grants, prizes, contests, masterclasses, residences, job boards, oppositions, courses, festivals, masters, conferences and congresses.
- Ads: Publish the professional services you provide: private online lessons, music for events, buy or sell instruments, audio/video edition, score transcription, etc.
- Events: Promote your concerts and other events. Show location in a map, set date and time of the event, write a description with  select related programs if you already published them, or add links to buy tickets.

What can RedMusix do for organizations, cultural entities, service providers, luthiers, audio and video technicians, and other professionals related to music?
- Artists: Find the artist or group you need in our artist network. Filter results according to the type of artist, type of group or style.
- Listen to musical proposals directly from user profiles, their programs or their compositions.

What can these users publish in RedMusix?
- Calls: Publish and find job and training opportunities, auditions, grants, prizes, contests, masterclasses, opera studios, residences, job boards, oppositions, courses, festivals, masters, conferences and congresses.
- Ads: Publish the professional services you provide, courses, reference services, organization of events, repair and / or manufacture of instruments, photo sessions, audio / video recordings and edition. 
- Events: Promote your events in RedMusix. Concerts, festivals, jornadas

How do I know wheter I should publish something in Calls, Ads or Events?
- If there's a deadline for registration, you should publish it in Calls.
- If there are tickets available, you should publish it in Events.
- If there are no specific dates, you should publish it in Ads.

I am an artists and groups manager. Can I use the website to promote my artists?
Of course, just remeber you must have a different account for each artist or group you want to promote.

What type of user should I choose?
You should choose "Artist" or "Group".

I am a programmer, cultural manager, professional related to music, or represent an administration, entity, company, festival or other type of service provider. What type of user should I choose?

You should select the type of user "Organization".

How can I upgrade to Premium user? 
First, you should be a registered user of RedMusix. Once you've registered, you can upgrade your account from the editor of your profile. 

What data is necessary to appear in the Artists section?

This section is designed for instrumentalists, singers, groups, composers and directors.

Personal information, resume, photos, videos, audios and all the information you consider necessary and want to make visible.

Watch out! Do not post information that you do not want to be public.

Organizations do not appear in this section.

What happens if my program is selected by a programmer or public interested in hiring me for a concert?
The interested person or entity will contact you directly through the information contact that appears on your profile.

What is Compositions?
Here you can publish and promote your compositions, arrangements or transcriptions. You can add links to stores, upload audios, link videos, and add documents with the scores of your work.

What can I publish in Events?
This is the place where to publish your events: concerts, conferences, festivals, performances, classes, courses.

What is Ads?
It is our bulletin board, where you can offer your professional services (private classes, transcriptions, digital notation, audio and video recording) and where any organization, entity, sector or professional company can publicize their products and services.

What is Calls?

Here you will find information about courses, competitions, festivals, auditions, scholarships, competitions.
The possibility to access every call is exclusive for Redmusix users. Non registered users may only access to isolated calls.

Can I change my data after publishing?

Yes, you can edit your profile and every other publication you make in RedMusix.

Can I unsubscribe from the platform?

Of course. You just have to write us an email to info@redmusix.com.