About us

REDMUSIX is a 2.0 website aimed at the online self-promotion of musicians, professionals, institutions, administrations and companies related to the culture sector.


- Promoting and boosting the self-promotion of the professionals of early, classical, contemporary, jazz, flamenco and folk music, giving visibility to their programs and projects.
- the creation of a large network of students, musicians, music related professionals and institutions.
- Helping administrations, companies and institutions in management and hiring of music professionals registered in the platform.
- Collaboration with administrations, conservatories, training centers or academies in order to facilitate the exchange of information between the different agents.
- Make available to education centers, both regulated and non-regulated, useful tools or resources for the personal development of their members.
- Establishing communication channels between users, professionals, institutions, administrations and companies that demand the type of services previously mentioned.
- Management of activities resulting from the interaction between different cultural agents, either online or through direct contact between the company and these agents.