8º Concurso Internacional de Piano “Ciudad de Treviso”

8º Concurso Internacional de Piano “Ciudad de Treviso”

Fechas09/04/2016 - 10/04/2016
Inscripción 14/12/2015 - 13/03/2016
Sitio webhttp://www.studiomusicatreviso.it/Concorso_2016/piano_EN.php


Art. 1 – Rules of the Competition
The competition is designed for young musicians, both male and female, of any nationality.
To be eligible, pianists must be born after 31 May 1985.

Art. 2 – Performances
a) J.S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue from the well-tempered clavier.
b) A study chosen among those of Bartok, Casella, Chopin, Debussy, Liszt, Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin and Stravinskij.
c) Free choice program max lengh 15 minutes.

One sonata.

Whole concerto for piano and orchestra chosen among the following:
W.A. Mozart: KV 271, KV 459, KV 466, KV 467, KV 488, KV 595
L. van Beethoven: No. 1, 2, 3 e 4
F. Chopin: E minor opus 11 or F minor opus 21
R. Schumann: A minor op. 54
E. Grieg: A minor op. 16

The orchestra part will be performed by a pianist of the organization. 
However, coming with one’s own collaborator pianist is allowed.

Art. 3 – Schedule
The auditions will be on April 8th, 9th and 10th 2016.

Art. 4 – Auditions
Candidates will be admitted to auditions in alphabetical order. The calendar of the auditions for each individual category will be available in due time. All performances will be open to the public. 
The candidates will access information about the day and the time of their audition at the Academy office or on the website www.studiomusicatreviso.it
Participants must be present half-hour before the audition time for the call. Late candidates will be allowed to participate only upon the judges’ authorization, before category registration is closed.
Prior to their audition, candidates will leave with the judges an ID and 3 copies of the selections to be performed.

Art. 5 – Panel of Judges 
The assessing panel is made up of music school teachers, music operators, musicologists and journalists. The judges will vote indi-vidually, through secret ballot, in hundredths. The mean value will be calculated by leaving out the highest and the lowest score. 

Art. 6 – Scores, award nights
First place will be awarded to candidates with a score of 95/100 or above.
€ 800,00
2 concerts during the 2016/2017 concert season
Cd Audio Recording

Second place will be awarded to candidates with a score of 90/100 or above.
€ 400,00
1 concerts during the 2016/2017 concert season

Third place will be awarded to candidates with a score of 85/100 or above.
€ 200,00

Art. 7 – Registration fee
Each candidate accepted to the competition must pay an entry fee of €100 (net of bank charges) which is non-refundable if a candidate withdraws. 
The registration fee must be paid by bank transfer to:

Accademia Musicale “Studio Musica” – Via Andrea Gritti, 25 – 31100 Treviso – ITALIA
Bank MONTE PASCHI di SIENA, Filiale di Treviso – IV Novembre
Bank details are the following:
IBAN: IT 11 T 01030 12081 000000848909
REASON FOR TRANSFER: International Piano Competition – write applicant’s name

Applicants will be charged of all bank/postal office expenses.
Registration fees are non-refundable.

Art. 8 – Registration form
Applicants can use the Academy registration form or a copy. The form can be requested at the Music Academy “Studio Musica” – Via Andrea Gritti, 25 – 31100 Treviso or downloaded from website www.studiomusicatreviso.it
The application form must accompany payment of the registration fee (as requested in Art. 7) and will have to be sent by registered post or handed in at the competition office by March 13th 2016. 

Art. 9 – General Regulations
The candidates are not forced to reach the maximum time set up for their category, but the Commission can stop the execution if exceed the specified limits.
The Commission can ask to repeat or stop the executions if they believe it necessary.
It is not necessary to perform a score from memory.
The final judgment will be final in all cases. 
Those who register for the competition must accept all the regulations herein mentioned.
The competition organizers will not be liable for risks or damage of any nature to people or property during the event.

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